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Investment focus

AddVenture is an international venture capital fund with a sector–focused strategy. The fund's investment range is $1–10M.

Home & Local Services

Horizontal marketplaces

Half of the global workforce does manual freelance work, we look for companies that help people market their skills and provide them with more work opportunities:

  • Home & local services marketplace
  • SaaS for workforce management

Vertically integrated services

In some verticals customers look for a trustworthy brand that they can rely on for their home needs. A company that controls the quality and can always find a right person for the job:

  • Cleaning
  • Beauty
  • Storage
  • Laundry & Dry-cleaning
  • Legal


We look for companies that provide subscription-based service that caters to individual’s culture, dietary needs and taste while keeping them full and happy.

  • Personalized food
  • Ready to cook
  • Business Catering
  • Ready to eat
  • B2B Supply marketplaces


Healthcare space is ripe for disruption globally; we look for companies that are helping people receive top quality care in an efficient way at a reasonable price.

  • Medical Insurance Tech
  • Doctor appointment platforms
  • Tele Medicine


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